A Trip, A Race, and A Mystery Illness

It’s been a super long time since I’ve written anything – perhaps the longest time ever between posts. I swear, I’m still here and still running, but I’ve been out of my usual routine. This is the first time I’ve had my computer on in 11 days (or so my automatic backup tells me). Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve been up to.

I ran the Hartford Half Marathon as a pace leader for Fleet Feet West Hartford.

Running as a pacer for the first time in a major race was so. much. fun. Earlier in the season, Fleet Feet hired me as a coach in the half marathon training program. I was lucky to be matched with an awesome training group who ran together consistently throughout training. On race day, my mom and I headed to the Fleet Feet meeting area. It was freezing cold – about 28 degrees and everyone was bundled up. We had trained in much warmer conditions, so this was new to most of the first time half marathoners. I managed to find a few of my group members before the race and offered to pace them to their goal of 2:15. We had a great time, felt amazing, and cruised in at 2:12. It was a great time and a wonderful race.

My mom was in town!

Yay! I love my mom. She’s a walker and runner and lives in Florida now so we don’t get to work out together as much as I would like. But, she was in town for 10 days. Hooray! We picked apples and made pies and apple sauce. I ate a slightly scary quantity of apple cider donuts. We walked on the trails in the area. We even completed an epic, 9 mile walk on the rail trail.

All in all, we had a great time. It was wonderful to have my mom here.

My running friend and I started a running club at University of Connecticut.

Following the success of the University of Connecticut Run@Work Day event, my running friend and I were asked to start a running club for university faculty and staff. The JM Club had its first ever group run last Friday. Sadly, only my friend and I showed up. It was about 50 degrees and pouring. We got soaked, but we got in the miles and kicked off the JM Club events.

I have a mystery illness.

It’s true. I’m sick again. Only I’m maybe not sick. I have a mystery illness. It all started with a sore throat about two weeks ago. The sore throat went away, but then I developed a stuffy nose. The stuffy nose went away, but then I developed new symptoms. Now I’m fatigued, have a headache, and my nose is running. Weird. It’s that day-before-being-super-sick feeling. I keep thinking that I will wake up in the morning super sick, but, thankfully, that hasn’t happened. I’ve been resting, sleeping lots, drinking tons of water, and taking my vitamins. I hope that I can beat this mystery illness – whatever it is.


It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me and there’s more fun around the corner. Today, I leave with my running friend for the Cape Cod Half Marathon in Falmouth, MA. I’ve lived in New England for 5 years, yet I’ve never been to Cape Cod. What better way to see the Cape than on foot, in a race? Expect a full report later.

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  1. Do you have lyme disease? you do run on trails….. Just thought I’d ask. I had been reading your blog and thinking of you and that possibility.

    • Good question. I’m seeing my doctor next week and she’ll probably test me. We usually do a Lyme test just in case.

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