AdvoCare Spark Giveaway!

I have a sensitive running stomach and have looked for a long time to find a pre-run drink that gave me energy and valuable electrolytes without upsetting my stomach. I tried, and loved, Spark, a great drink mix made by Advocare. Spark tastes great, is easy to mix, and isn’t sweet or salty. It’s completely dairy free and gives me energy without that “I just had an energy drink” feeling.

Advocare products are sold by independent distributors. Recently, I caught up with Lindsey, an Advocare distributor to learn more about the products and her business. If you’d like to try Spark, read to the end and enter to win your very own sample.

1. What attracted you to Advocare? What attracted me to Advocare was the safety and efficacy of the products. The products are the foundation of the business and for me, it was important to find something that was safe to put in my body, but also find something that worked and wasn’t a quick fix. The 24 Day Challenge helped to jumpstart my health and fitness and really taught me how to eat right and make a positive lifestyle change. Once I did the research and saw the products worked, I was in. From there, my boyfriend Andrew and I were introduced to the business opportunity. Advocare found us at the right time. If we could make an extra $500-$1000 a month to get ahead of our debt and help other people at the same time, why not? This quickly turned into something very serious for us. After attending meetings, mixers and meeting people within the organization, we could see the value of the Success System and what Advocare could truly provide for us. We both are 25 years old and have short term goals, including getting ahead of our consumer debt, undergrad debt, not having to worry about rent or bills, going back to school for our Master’s and Advocare has allowed us to do just that through supplemental income.
Within Advocare, this is a common question that is asked- “What does Advocare look like to you?”. For us, we see this as a Plan B right now, but hopefully in the future we hope Advocare will become our Plan A and help us to design our lives the way WE want and enjoy life with financial freedom. That is what we see, that is our vision. However, to the person next to us, it could mean an extra boost to your day with SPARK or an extra $100 a month to help fund your kid’s school field trips. Everyone’s need or vision is different and it is all great. That’s what drew me to Advocare. There is no pressure, you go at your own pace, whatever works best for you and that is okay. I am not one to be forced into something and we all have that thought run through our heads “ is that one of those things?” I don’t know much about that, but what I do know is that in just a short 6 months, I have never felt better. I have energy throughout the day, like I have never experienced before. I’m living a healthier and more positive lifestyle, and earning extra income by helping people (oh and I forgot to mention—all part time, while working a full time job). For me, this works and I want to share it because who wouldn’t want to get in on all this?!
Lastly, the support and team that we are on in Orange County, CA, Team Momentum is something that is so unique. You are surrounded by people who all want better and that want to see you succeed. We have formed great friendships and have learned so much from our team. To know, that you can have any vision you choose, a supportive team to guide you and no matter what, always have your back, is the most amazing feeling. We look forward to 2014 and powering forward!

2. What was the first product you tried? What did you like? Do you still use it? SPARK! I looooveee it and yes, I use it every day. SPARK helped me to wake up in the morning, feel energized and have that mental focus at work without the 3-4PM crash. I had never found anything like this, not to mention its sugar free, vitamin packed and delicious!

3. When and why did you decide to become a distributor? What do you like best about the company? I decided to become a distributor shortly after Andrew decided to, about 6 months ago. Once I completed the 24 Day Challenge, dropped 10 lbs, a total of 14 inches and had everlasting energy, I couldn’t say no to the products. I quickly saw the business opportunity and wanted to learn more. Advocare found Andrew and I at a time where making an extra $500 a month by simply referring products, was incredibly appealing. We jumped right in. What I like best about the company is the 20+ years of experience, Science & Medical board and the Sports Advisory board. This company has the top doctors and professionals in the field. You will not find the type of people, leadership and vision Advocare provides anywhere else. Advocare is a lifestyle; a way of life— feeling great, setting and achieving your goals, whatever that may look like to you and helping other people. In 6 months, we will be making an extra $1,000 a month to wipe out our consumer debt and help to pay our rent, so we no longer have to have a roommate.

4. What’s your favorite product? What are the benefits and uses? That is a tough question! I’d have to say my favorite product is Cataylst. Catalyst is great for anyone who is looking to tone up and slim out. We like to call it the “Saran Wrap” for your muscles. This product allows you to shred fat and protect lean muscle.

5. What is your most popular product? Our most popular products are SPARK and MNS. SPARK, a sugar free mental focus drink, great for Moms to help kick start their day and maintain it throughout the day or it is great as a pre-workout drink as well. MNS (Metabolic Nutrition System) is Advocare’s core nutrition and great for anyone looking to loose weight, gain energy or increase general overall wellness. There are 3 types of MNS to serve just that- MNS C (weight loss), MNS E (increase energy) and MNS 3 (overall wellness). Both products are what I’ve continued to stay on after the 24 Day Challenge to help maintain nutrition and energy.

6. I’m already using some Advocare products, how do I learn more about other products that might benefit me? That’s great! You can simply connect with the person who shared Advocare with you and they can help guide you to what is best for you and your goals or you can always visit that person’s microsite (for example, mine and research under the Shop section for each product’s Product Page, full of information regarding nutrition facts and benefits of each product. Lastly, which is one of my favorites being the HODO (highly organized detailed) person that I am, contact Advocare’s Research & Development Customer Service Department to get your questions answered.

7. I have food allergies. How can I be sure Advocare products are right for me? Reach out to the person who shared Advocare with you, contact Advocare directly or simply login to the website to view each product’s information and ingredients.

8. What’s a 24-Day Challenge? The 24 Day Challenge is a program designed to create healthy eating habits and facilitate a positive healthy lifestyle change. Best part? You get to EAT REAL FOOD throughout. The program is comprised of a 10 day cleanse (that is “gentle and uneventful” I might add) to clean out your body’s toxins and prepare to take in core nutrition with days 11-24 with MNS. And it is on sale for a limited time now. Please contact us for more information!

9. Is there anything else you’d like readers to know? I want the readers to know if there is something you are looking for whether it is a meal replacement shake in the morning because you are always on the run or looking to make a couple hundred dollars a month. We would love to link arms with you and help guide you to whatever you are looking for!

10. How can readers get in contact with you to place an order? Please contact me via email or simply by visiting my website at and connect with me that way!

Would you like to win a sample packet of my favorite product? Get your sample of Spark by entering to win!


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