And So It Goes

The injury saga continues. My lower leg is feeling much better than my last report, but it still is not the healthy, fully functional leg that I had hoped for. The Disney Marathon is in less than a month and I’m fully committed to doing it – even if I have to hobble along. Everyone has said that running won’t make my leg worse; running makes it hurt like crazy. I’m running out of training time and starting to get really nervous.

I’ve been doing physical therapy for about three weeks and haven’t seen much of a change, honestly. I was pronounced fit, strong, flexible, and well-balanced. My therapist didn’t have much for me to work on in terms of strength or flexibility, nor did she have any idea what cause my fibular head problem. So, we’ve been working on loosening up my fibular head through ultrasound and gentle manipulation. It has helped a little. I managed to make it 9 pain-free miles last weekend, but had shooting, horrible pain develop without warning around mile 9.5 and couldn’t walk without a limp for days after the run. Feeling discouraged, I decided it was time to take aggressive action.

I have always been a little skeptical about chiropractors. I don’t know why. I have no rational reason for this skepticism. I have done massage, acupuncture, herbal treatments, and taping for various maladies in the past, but I had never tried chiropractic care. After my discouraging run last weekend, I decided I would take a bold step – I would try a chiropractor. If two weeks of physical therapy resulted in negligible gains, it was time to get serious. I scheduled an appointment with a chiropractor.

I met with him on Tuesday and it was amazing. He examined me carefully, had me perform a variety of jumping, bending, and moving tasks, and reported that he agreed that my fibular head was stuck. He, too, couldn’t see any reason for the problem and agreed that it might be “just one of those things”. He blamed my overall structural deficiencies in the right knee (since I had major reconstruction two years ago). He suggested a few little adjustments and a laser treatment. He wiggled my leg, pushed on it, and cracked it a few times. I stood up from the table feeling completely different. It was like taking off a too-tight pair of pants – I didn’t realize how bad I felt until I felt suddenly better. It was amazing. I have another appointment today and I can’t wait. Would it be weird to go every day?

3 thoughts on “And So It Goes

  1. Chiro’s are AMAZING! I had been to several docs about hammy issues, only to go to the chiro and have her tell me that my hammy was angry because of Piriformis Syndrome. My docs listen to the problem, and helped me stretch that, but she found the issue and helped me start that battle. LOVE my chiro, good luck! I hope he helps you as much as mine helped me. And your totally right, you dont know it hurts until it starts to feel better!

  2. A chiro just told me I have the same thing. He “freed” the stuck fibular head but said it may take a few more treatments. If you don’t mind me asking – what was the laser therapy for?

    • I’m sorry you’re injured. It didn’t take too many treatments before I felt much better. I hope it’s the same for you. I also learned how to mobilize it myself and that helped in a pinch. The laser treatment was to promote cellular renewal. It destroys old cells or something like that. 🙂

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