Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Winter is here. It’s super cold outside. This morning I woke up bright and early for my usual weekly trail run. This was an accomplishment considering I was up late to watch the Sugar Bowl (Go Blue!). My phone alerted me that it was COLD – 6 degrees Fahrenheit with a “real feel” temperature of 3 degrees. Warm and snugly in my bed, I refused to believe my iPhone. Surely it must be mistaken. It was 45 degrees, and unseasonably warm, just days ago. I checked the handy exterior thermometer I keep in my kitchen. 7 degrees. Not good.

I suited up in my technical layers and my insulating layers and my soft shell and headed out to the trail. My car reported to me that the day was heating up – to a whopping 8 degrees. My phone, mocking my joy at 8 degrees, said the real feel was still only 5 degrees. That’s cold.

We brave souls set out for our usual 4-5 mile run. It really was a beautiful day if you could get past the horrible, blinding cold. The air was clear and crisp, the sun was out, the leaves were crunchy underfoot. The streams were frozen, with little burbling channels of water under the ice. Since I’m dedicated to this blog, I decided to risk my fingers freezing and falling off to take a few pictures so you could all enjoy the pretty stream from somewhere warm.

Frozen stream

The stream

See, pretty, right? Except for the hideously cold weather. Just about 2 miles in we decided to turn back, and go home, as soon as possible. We were freezing and none of us were having a good run. I’m glad we got out there, but I’m hoping for a heat wave.

What do you do when the temperature hits the single digits (or whatever is frigid in your area)? What are your favorite layering pieces for winter running?

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  2. We will get more used to the cold…..and hopefully got more sleep next time also. Thanks for the run and the blog

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