Last week on my run, my running friends commented on my strange habits related to bugs. It’s time to come clean, my faithful followers. I confess – I am a bug lady. I save bugs on the run.

It started with worms. Poor, wriggly, drying-out-in-the-sun worms. I can’t stand to see their little wriggly bodies starting to crisp in the sun, so I move them. I pick up the worms, often chasing them around, and move them into the grass. This was weird enough, but I think I crossed the line with the fuzzy wuzzy caterpillars (fuzzy bears to you New Englanders). Just in case you don’t know what I mean:

Fuzzy Wuzzy

I love fuzzy wuzzies. I can’t stand to see them run over by cars in the road. So I move them.  While I’m running. I actually stop mid-run to move all the caterpillars I can move.

It doesn’t end there. I also like to pay attention to the bugs I encounter on the run. Last week, for example, I saw the most amazing spider.


Horrifying, right? Granted, it isn’t the best picture (we were running, after all), but this thing was amazing. Then, there are butterflies…


And all other bugs. I admit it, I’m a bug lady. Does anyone else save worms? Caterpillars? No?

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