Caution: Attracts ducks

Today I headed out for an impromptu trail run with my running friend. The forecast was calling for a rainy, grey day, but we were hoping for the best. Running friend and I set out from my house to run the trails on a Joshua’s Trust ¬†property close to home. We went in the usual direction, only to find that two adjacent kettle ponds had flooded, resulting in one giant, impassable lake. Rather than get soaked, we decided to go around the pond and on a trail that cuts between the second and third kettle pond. When we got to the end of the trail we came upon a flock of ducks.

Not the actual duck - duck body double

These were really, really tame ducks. In fact, the ducks were so tame one let me pet it. The ducks even ran along with us for a little while. A word of caution – ducks do not seem to understand single track trails. They were dangerously underfoot. I bemoaned the fact that I didn’t have my camera to take a picture of the ducks, and would have to find a picture online when I blogged about them later. At the end of the run we decided to go back, with cameras in hand, to see if the ducks were still there. Being a lover of all animals, I brought along some reduced fat Triscuits. Sadly, the ducks were on the opposite side of the pond.

Far away ducks

I tried to entice the ducks to come closer by using my own unique bird call – I randomly flung Triscuits in their general direction. They were unimpressed. The lesson here – running attracts ducks.