College Basketball Treadmill Workout

It’s been super cold and snowy in New England, so that has meant lots of treadmill running for this girl. I’m not a huge fan of the ‘mill, but I have a few tricks to keep it interesting. Last week, I shared my SportsCenter progression run. Today, I’ll share another of my super cool treadmill workouts – the College Basketball Fartlek.

First, select a college basketball game. It helps if you’re not terribly interested in the outcome of the game, but care enough to watch. If you get too absorbed in the game, it’s tough to remember the changes. This workout is a fartlek, changing pace and incline according to what’s happening in the game.


The rules are simple –

Begin at an easy run pace and a 1% incline.

During the period of each foul resulting in free throws (i.e. replays, free throws, congratulatory high fives) increase the pace to the pace you would run short track repeats – something like 400s or 600s. For most of us, that’s about a 1.0 mile per hour increase.

During each time out, increase the incline on the treadmill by 3% for the duration of the time out.

It’s a simple, but effective, workout. Enjoy!