Cooking for One

My husband works long hours so it’s often just me for dinner. That’s great if I want to microwave something frozen, but that plan doesn’t fit in with my desire to eat clean and monitor my nutrition. Eating right each meal is important to me, but it is sometimes difficult to make a healthy meal for one. Compound the complexity of cooking for one with my crazy schedule – there isn’t much that can be made in the two minutes before hungry deteriorates into starving, angry mess.

Enter the Lekue Steam Case. This thing is one of the best inventions ever!


The Lekue Steam Case comes in a variety of shapes and sizes – a tray (pictured above), a large case, a pot, a large pot, an omelette case, and small cups. Each case has a specific use. I bought the omelette case and the steam tray for 1-2 people. I love it.

The steam case makes it possible for foods to be cooked in their own juice or steam, enhancing the flavors and preserving nutrients. Safe for microwave or oven use, the steam case cooks food with steam at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The case is specially shaped the allow the steam to circulate for faster cooking. The case has a small tray in the bottom to keep food elevated and liquids at the bottom. The tray can be removed for more “stew-like” results.

These unique features make it possible to cook just about anything in record time. Using the Steam Tray, chicken breasts straight from the freezer cook in about 5 minutes. Steak, turkey, and sausages cook in about two minutes. I’m serious. You can go from starving to eating in less than five minutes. The Lekue company has a cookbook associated with the steam cases. I have it and it has simple, tasty recipes that feature a variety of meats and vegetables. So far, I’ve made chicken with artichokes, braised beef, and an assortment of other healthy, fresh meals. I’ve discovered that I can put just about any combination of vegetables and proteins in the case, add some EVOO or balsamic vinegar,  cook for five minutes, and eat a clean, fresh meal.

I also have the omelette pan and it’s fantastic. I can throw in two eggs, any combination of vegetables and toppings, cook for two minutes (seriously! Two minutes!) and enjoy a fresh omelette any time. It’s revolutionized my breakfasts.

Follow a clean diet? Hooked on the paleo lifestyle? The Lekue system is perfect for you. It’s well worth the investment and will make cooking clean meals simple!