Countdown to the 20th Disney Marathon

Let me first say – Eeeeeeeeeeeee! I’m here. In Florida. The Disney Marathon is tomorrow! It’s so exciting that I can’t stand it. As training has progressed and it’s gotten closer and closer, I have been progressing at the expected rate through Rachel’s Seven Stages of Race Preparation.

  1. Confidence (“That training run wasn’t so bad. I can totally do this!”)
  2. Denial (“I have plenty of time to train. The race isn’t for weeks.” Truth – race is less than a month/two weeks/etc. away -or- “My leg doesn’t really hurt that much.”)
  3. Bargaining (“Gods of Running, if you let me survive this training run, I will give up candy.”, “Fibula, if you stay in place, I will never curse you again.”)
  4. Paranoia (*cough* “I am sure I have pneumonia, or Ebola.”, “I am sure that the cramp is the first sign of gangrene setting in.”, “Maybe I didn’t even sign up for the race. Do I have plane tickets?”)
  5. Sense of Impending Doom (“What the hell was I thinking?!”, “Something horrible will befall me and I won’t be able to race.”)
  6. Existential Questioning ( at the start of the race – “Why did I think this was a good idea? This is very bad idea.”, “Running is really weird. Why do I do it?”)
  7. Euphoria (post-race – “I LOVE running!”, “That was amazing!”, “I can’t wait to race again. Next time…”, “Woooo hoooo!!”)

Deep into the Paranoia stage of race preparation, I traveled to Florida earlier this week. I was sure my sore throat was the beginnings of this epic flu, or perhaps salmonella. Maybe malaria. I decided no homeopathic remedy was too weird to try. I have sprays and zinc lozenges and Airborne and vitamins. Luckily, I was distracted from my Chicken Little state by the expo. Yay!

Disney Marathon Expo

The expo was super fun. In typical Disney fashion, everything was well organized and every detail anticipated. There was one door and staircase to get in, one to get out. There were individual computers and printers that printed waivers for forgetful folks (I printed mine twice but left it at home). There were helpful and happy volunteers and cast members at every corner. Tons of great vendors were in the vendor space – SPIbelt, Runningskirts, Run Team Sparkle, The Stick, and many clothing vendors. Mom and I had a great time shopping and looking around. We even spied Jeff Galloway. There were great picture opportunities.

Disney Marathon Expo Pictures

Back at home, Paranoia gave way to Sense of Impending Doom. Luckily, there were plenty of distractions. I’ve been enjoying great Cuban food, fresh picked strawberries, and time with my mom and dad. Yesterday, the big task was putting the finishing touches on my costume (Cinderella) and developing a race-day plan. Mom made puffy cap sleeves for my Cinderella outfit and I sewed my tiara on my hat. The tiara is one my mom made for me when I was 6 or so, and totally in love with Cinderella.

Cinderella prep

Sense of Impending Doom wouldn’t be denied by daytime distractions. Last night, I had the most vivid dream that I woke up at 6:30am and missed the marathon start by an hour. It was so realistic that I woke up (at 3am) with a start. Being in my room at home didn’t reassure me. I thought that not only had I missed the start, but that I wasn’t even on Disney property. I had to look at my phone to check the date, and Twitter just to be sure that it was the half marathon today. Whew! Doom or not, tomorrow is the big day. Everything is done. All there is to do is run – and have a magical race!

Have a great race

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