Eleven Random Running Tips

I’m away at a conference, but I’m still on the job as a running coach. Today, I talked with some new runners about getting started in running. It inspired me to think of my top bits of running advice. In today’s installment of Dr. Rachel’s Running Wisdom, I share that random collection of bits of advice with you. For your reading enjoyment, I offer you Eleven Random Running Tips (in no particular order):

  1. Invest in good shoes!
  2. Get some technical running apparel, but don’t worry about looking too cool. Function is more important than looks or vanity. Don’t worry about how cool you look – feeling comfortable = looking fast.
  3. Embrace running technology. Apps, websites, and GPS gadgets can help you track your distance and pace, helping you to become a better runner. I love my Garmin.
  4. Don’t stress about bad runs. Everyone has tough runs and amazing runs. The tough ones help you appreciate the beauty of the good ones.
  5. Drink water all day to pre-hydrate. Don’t expect to run well dehydrated.
  6. Learn how to run hills effectively, particularly if you live in a hilly area. Believing I can conquer even large hills helps me to feel more confident as a runner.
  7. Vary your training to avoid boredom and build fitness. Find running friends and running strangers who can become friends. Run races in strange places. Take risks and try new things (just never in a race lest you have a race disaster).
  8. Create a list of reasons you run. Read it when you don’t feel like running. There will be many such days. You’ll need that list.
  9. Listen to the wisdom of other runners with attention and skepticism. What works for one person might not work for you. But, you might learn something really useful if you listen to other runners. I might never know how to make cheap arm warmers had I not listened to a random person in a far away 10k.
  10. Rest! Take rest days and get enough sleep.
  11. Have fun! Remember, running is best when you enjoy it. Find a way to enjoy every run. I’ve never felt more free, and more in tune with myself, than when I’m running and I love that.

Happy running!

7 thoughts on “Eleven Random Running Tips

  1. Great tips! I agree that what works for someone else might (and usually won’t) work for you. However, graciously accepting advice and then utilizing what works for you is definitely the way to go!

    Most important is to just have fun!

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