Entering the Blogosphere

See the little black line. That's my ACL.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how much my running life has changed in the past year.  Just over one year ago I began running for the second time. This time following a knee reconstruction due to a complete tear of my right ACL. It has been a crazy journey – and one that I wish I had recorded for posterity. I learned a lot, changed a lot, and I didn’t write any of it down. Not great thinking on my part.

So, my blog starts today. I will record the next phase of my running journey here, and mainly for myself. Because I don’t want to forget one step of this process.

2 thoughts on “Entering the Blogosphere

  1. I love this idea for a blog! I’m pretty new to running myself, and although I am not coming back from an injury, I have plenty of my own struggles when it comes to running. I love reading about the ups and downs of becoming a runner, whether its for the first time, or all over again.

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