Feeling Funky

I’m feeling funky. And not in the good way. I’ve been in a cranky, sleepy funk lately.

Before I complain, let me first congratulate Elle from Eat Run Sail, the winner of my Facebook Drip Drop contest. Congratulations, Elle!

Let’s get back to the funk. First, I think part of the problem is a travel hangover. I’ve just gotten back from a few weeks of travel and that always messes with my routine. I typically suffer from post-vacation depression, which I’ve heard other people refer to as a travel hangover. It’s clear that the travel hangover has been a problem for me. Next, things have been extra crazy at work. It seems the anxiety is at full volume, and dealing with that has been tiring. I have lots to do and neither the time nor the energy to really deal with it. My runs have been lackluster and I’m feeling underwhelmed by my progress in training. Beyond that, I don’t know what it is that’s bothering me. I just feel funky. I haven’t been myself. I’m tired, cranky, and generally in a funk.

So, I have been working on getting out of the funk. I tried new runs -a long one, a new trail, a run with a friend (twice), and taking a few days off. I tried getting a little extra rest. I tried going out to eat with my husband. I even tried getting myself a small running gift. No luck. The funk persists. It seems to be lightening, but I still feel funky.

I have lots of things to be excited about – I’m running Hood to Coast in August (YAY!!), I’m beginning training to become a yoga teacher this summer (hooray!), and everything is going well in general. Yet the funk persists.

So, I ask you, my loyal readers, what do you do to break the funk?

2 thoughts on “Feeling Funky

  1. Sometimes I just have to work my way through a funk. I always worry that if I fall to far into my funk, I won’t be able to find my way out. Usually it’s my body’s way of telling me I have too much going on and something has to give, I need a rest, etc…. I hope you can get out of your funk soon, I know it’s no fun!

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