Found: Nemo

Connecticut found Nemo. And we’re hoping whoever lost him will claim him soon. This weather is insane! After weeks of record-setting cold and single digit temperatures, it had finally reached a suitable run-outside temperature last week. Then we had a monster wind storm. And then, the predictions of Nemo began. Nothing good comes from a storm that is predicted, days out, to be “historic”, “epic”, or “catastrophic”. As if poor New England didn’t suffer enough with Irene and Sandy, we were getting Nemo. It’s always bad news when the weather reporters name a winter storm.

In preparation, I went to the gym and did a brick workout. I washed running clothes and bought some spinach for salad. Priorities. Nemo came through with the expected record snowfall. We got about 30 inches at my house. It was so much snow that the town had to send some sort of terrifying road grader/plow and front end loader to clear the snow.

Snow plow

Yikes! It was a lot of snow. Undeterred, I went out snowshoeing. I had 13-15 miles on my schedule for the weekend and I figured a nice snowshoe hike would have to do. I made it about 10 feet before I realized – three feet of snow is a crazy amount of snow. Snowshoeing in a foot of snow is lovely. Two feet of snow is doable. Three feet is practically impossible. Clearing trail by myself, I could only make it four or five steps before I had to rest. Although I was up on top of a foot and a half of snow, I was having to move another foot and a half with my feet. It was like walking in quicksand.


I’m on top of about 4 feet of snow here. That’s my normal height lamp post, all but buried in the snow.

24 hours after the snow stopped, I was finally able to leave the house and set up a snowshoe date with some local friends. Most roads were only barely passable, so we kept it close to home. Working as a team of three, we took turns breaking trail. It was tough going! Our hard work was rewarded with great views, amazing animal tracks, and a nice workout. The snow is deep and mushy, so it will be here for a while. Looks like me and my SportsCenter treadmill workout will be spending extra time together this week.

My next big race, the Gapsarilla Distance Classic, is less than two weeks away. I’m hideously undertrained, thanks to this terrible winter weather, but I’m counting down the days. Nothing will feel better than to leave all this snow and freezing rain behind and run in gorgeous Tampa!