Friday Favorite: Handheld Hydration

It’s hot. Hot hot. Too hot for any sane people to be out running. But, being not all that sane, I have been out and about running (and some walking, I must admit) this week. I’m a weakling. I hate being hot, get lightheaded easily in the heat, and am generally dying of thirst every minute I’m hot. In order to survive my recent hot weather running streak, I’ve been relying on my water bottles. I love my little handheld bottles for short runs in hot weather. Sure, they might change my gait, but I’m pretty sure passing out would change my gait more. For those of you interested in trying handheld hydration bottles, here are my picks.

1. For short runs, and people who are sensitive to weight in their hands, try the Nathan Quickshot. Aside: I just saw that there’s an insulated Quick Shot. It’s a must try.

The Quick Shot is a little 10 ounce flask with a wicking mesh thumb/hand strap with velcro closure. It has a “race cap”, the kind that you squeeze and water shoots out, for easy sipping. It has reflective details and an ID pocket. Be warned – the only thing that fits in the pocket is the tiny ID card. Don’t plan to carry any extras. The strap part cleans up easily. I don’t know if it’s meant to be machine washable, but I’ve washed mine many times and it’s still fine. The best part about the Quick Shot is that the strap loops over the thumb and holds securely. When I’m running I can hold my hand naturally without worrying about the bottle falling off.

2. If you are looking for a bottle with a pocket, try the Amphipod Hydraform Handheld Lite (with optional thermal cover, which I have). This 12 ounce bottle has an added pocket for storage. The pocket holds a Gu plus a tissue, or a packet of sport beans with a little space left over. The great thing about this bottle is the ergonomic shape. It’s slightly curved, so it fits right in the nook of my hand when running. It stay put and is bounce-free despite its larger size. The strap is soft on the hand side and it features an adjustable strap for custom fit. The strap’s soft side does absorb sweat, so this bottle can get a little gross. I suggest frequent washing.

I use the Handheld Lite when I need an extra pocket. It’s also great for races in hot weather and I’ve been known to rock it in half marathons.

Those are my top two picks for handheld hydration bottles. Being prone to mid-run thirst, I’ve tried everything and these are my clear favorites. Stay hydrated!

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Handheld Hydration

  1. Thank you so much for writing this blog!! It was really helpful, I am definitely going to get the Nathan Quickshot:)

  2. So…do you prefer the Handheld Lite as oppose to the Lululemon black handheld Amphipod??? I feel that it is EXTREMELY heavy & I’m looking for something that is lighter. Is the Handheld Lite (dare I say this?) lighter??? HELP ME!

    • I don’t know about the Lululemon one. Believe it or not, that’s one thing I don’t own from Lululemon. I think the Nathan bottle is lighter overall.

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