Friday Favorite: Run Your Heart Out Tights

In today’s Friday Favorite, I am highlighting my favorite full length running tights – the Lululemon Run Your Heart Out Tights. I love these tights. I own a couple pairs in a variety of colors. My favorites of the favorite tights are grey/grey white stripe. They have nifty little triangles at the thigh (slimming!) and a ruffle on the calf.

Cute, right!

I love these tights because they always stay put no matter how long the run. They are comfortable, allow a full range of motion, and fit well. They come in interesting colors and usually have fun details. They really hold up to the abuse of running and washing – mine still look great after lots and lots of washes. They’re comfortable at a variety of temperatures and have great wicking and breathability. All in all, they’re great tights.

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