Friday Favorite: Socks, Part 1

Today’s Friday Favorite is the first of a series on my favorite socks. I am blister prone and running socks are of critical importance to me. I was thinking about my socks yesterday, when I ran in 100% humidity and rain showers. Good socks are vital to foot happiness, particularly in wet conditions!

My favorite thin socks are the Lululemon Ultimate No Show Running Sock.

I love several things about these socks. First, they have a thin, soft fabric. They are body-mapped (or foot-mapped?) with special support in the arches and curves around the toes. They are foot specific and fit snugly and securely. The socks never slouch and stay put even on long runs. They come in cute colors and last a long time. My favorite feature of these socks is that they have extra padding and come up a bit higher in the heel area. As someone prone to heel blisters, this is wonderful. I love these socks.

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Socks, Part 1

  1. The no show part doesnt chafe? I feel like if the sock is not a teeny bit higher than the shoe that it would rub me the wrong way.

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