Friday Favorite: Socks, Part 2

A few weeks ago I raved about Lululemon’s running socks in Part 1 of this two part series. I must admit that they are not my only sock love. I love (and feel the need to share this love with you) my Experia CoolMax Thin Cushion Mico Mini Crew socks by Thorlos.  Despite the obvious drawback of having a crazy long name, these Experia socks are amazing.

First, and most importantly, these socks hold tight and don’t shift around while running or cycling. The foot-hugging shape makes the socks stay put – even on long runs in the rain. There is a subtle drawing in around the arch and top of the foot that really holds the sock in place. Next, the Experia socks have a unique padding distribution. According to the manufacturer, the thin cushion padding is sculpted to and contoured to match the natural foot strike pattern. This means that the padding is soft and squishy only on the ball of the foot and bottom of the heel. I love thin socks, and the cushion in the Experia socks adds comfort without bulk. The padding is just right for me – it doesn’t add bulk to the sock, but adds noticeable cushioning. Finally, there is a reinforced area at the heel. As someone prone to blisters, I really appreciate the slightly reinforced point at the top of the heel. It adds a little bit of padding and protection just where I need it. I think it protects my heel from blisters and holds the top of the sock in place. Though my preferred Experia is the Micro Mini Crew and one would think that means a no-show sock, the rise on the sock is a bit higher. It touches my ankle bone, giving me ample protection from rocks and debris on trail runs. I have the Experia is lots of colors (check them out – they have great colors!) and I love every pair.

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Socks, Part 2

    • I love them! I also love the lululemon running socks. If you like knee highs, has these amazing run love knee highs.

  1. Woh- those socks look comfy!! I really like Wright Socks and Balega socks……

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