Friday Favorite: SPIbelt

Today’s Friday Favorite was inspired by a recent Twitter exchange. My favorite way to carry gear on long runs and in races is in my SPIbelt. You will find me wearing it on most trail runs with my camera tucked inside and in races with my phone, or a random collection of items I think I need.

I have a pretty pink one and a water resistant black one. I recommend the SPIbelt to everyone. I even reviewed it on the blog.

One nifty feature runners are sure to appreciate – it holds its shape despite run after run of overstuffing abuse. I have shoved my rain shell in it, my camera and my phone…you name it, and the SPIbelt bounces back. I also like the optional race number holders. They served me well in a recent race.

All things considered, I love my SPIbelt. It’s a great addition to any runner’s wardrobe. My next gear purchase will definitely be their belt/dog leash. I’m on a quest to teach my dog, Lucy, to run well on a leash and surely a SPIbelt leash will help with that.

8 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: SPIbelt

  1. I don’t think I could use it for races (like to be streamlined) but I think it would be perfect for those days I “run” errands.

    • Honestly, that was the first time I had worn it in a race. I didn’t mind it. I usually wear it underneath my top layer, just above my hips, so it is pretty streamlined (as long as I don’t stuff my camera AND my jacket in it).

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