Friday Favorite: Sweet Potato Chips

Loyal readers will know that I love Mexican food of all kinds. A while back, I was looking for an alternative to traditional tortilla chips. I tried all kinds of different chips and a number of different brands. When I took my first taste of Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips, I knew I had found my new favorite chip.


The sweet potato chips are just one variety in their line of interesting chips, including kettle cooked sweet potato chips. I’ve tried several varieties, including the blue corn (yum!), lime, and multigrain, but the sweet potato chips are the best. I love these chips. The chips are all natural, light, crisp, and delicious. They have the slightly nutty flavor of sweet potatoes, but with just a hint of cane sugar and salt. Delicious!

The chips are sturdy, a great size for dipping, and delicious with nearly any topping. I love them with Mexican food and by themselves as a cracker. I love chips, and the Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips have just enough nutritional value to make me feel completely justified eating chips every day. All Food Should Taste Good chip varieties are gluten free, cholesterol free, have zero grams trans fats, and are certified Kosher.  Plus, all varieties are enrolled in the non-GMO project and many varieties are certified vegan. What’s not to love?!

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