Gear Review (and Giveaway!): Sof Sole Socks

Not only is this post a gear review – it’s a giveaway! One lucky reader will win a cool box of goodies from Sof Sole. Read on to see how to win!

Some time ago, the nice folks at Sof Sole sent me a box of products to review for the blog. I had fond memories of some Sof Sole socks I wore long ago (in high school!), so I happily agreed. In the box came a lovely package of CoolMax Lite socks, Airr Insoles, and a coupon for my next purchase.

I immediately set out to test the socks and insoles. While I like the insoles just fine, I’m not much of an insole person. They were suitably squishy and I enjoyed them. If you like a nice, soft insole with some spring, I would recommend them. But, I really want to draw your attention to the CoolMax Lite socks, because they were pretty cool. Haha.

The Sof Sole CoolMax Lite socks have several key features most runners and fitness walkers would like. They have a nice, deep heel pocket, which minimizes sock shifting (and blisters). They have a thin, synthetic fabric construction, which is not only comfortable, but moisture wicking. Finally, the socks have a snug arch band for a good fit and a little bit of arch support.

I am prone to blisters, so I first tested the CoolMax Lite socks on a normal work day in some casual sneakers. They were a success. My feet were comfortable and blister-free. Thus, they graduated up to short run wear. That test was a success. The final test of the CoolMax sock was a long walk with my mom in Florida. I really wanted to test the cooling and anti-shifting properties of the sock. I must say, the socks were great.

I really liked the deepness of the heel pocket. The sock stayed up and situated on my foot. Despite the relatively deep heel pocket, the socks didn’t come up much higher on my ankle than any other low-cut sock and the sock didn’t shift at all as I wore them. This is really important to me as a blister-prone wearer. I could be sure the sock would stay in place and protect my foot. The sock also didn’t have any seams or changes in thickness on the heel. On me, the slightest change in thickness can cause blisters. I couldn’t find anything that would create a heel blister in the CoolMax socks. I also liked the fabric of the sock. It has a nice, smooth synthetic feel that seemed soft on my foot. The socks are quite thin, with a slightly thicker fabric on the bottom. I generally like thinner socks, particularly on the top of my foot, so I liked the thinness of the sock. It did the job wicking and helping my feet stay cool on a 90 degree day in Florida. I was impressed with the ability of the sock to manage foot moisture. For me, the socks were a success. They didn’t shift, they didn’t give me blisters, they felt soft and smooth, and they kept my feet cool and dry. All in all, I liked the Sof Sole CoolMax Lite socks and would recommend them to anyone looking for an inexpensive, but high quality thin fitness sock.

Details: Sof Sole CoolMax Lite socks are available for men and women and are sized extra small to large for custom fit. The socks are available at major retailers and online. Head over to the Sof Sole website for more information. You can also learn more about other Sof Sole products like their insoles, and shoe care products on their website.

Now for the giveaway…

If you’re interested in trying out the Sof Sole CoolMax Lite socks, this is your lucky day! One lucky reader will be the proud recipient of a box of goodies from Sof Sole, including the CoolMax socks featured in this review (men’s and women’s sizing is available). To win, you must either: 1) Like Sof Sole on Facebook and tell me you did in a comment, or 2) Follow Sof Sole on Twitter and tell me you did in a comment. If you do both, you’ll be entered to win twice. I will randomly select (on March 15, 2012) one lucky reader as the winner of a Sof Sole box of goodies. Good luck!

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Disclosure statement: Sof Sole provided me free products to review for this post. I was not compensated monetarily and do not have an ongoing relationship with Sof Sole. Though I was given free products to review, I conducted the review with integrity and the content of this review represents my personal experience with the product.

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