Gear Review: Lock Laces

Recently, I was approached by the nice people at Lock Laces about doing a review of their unique laces. In truth, I had been thinking of trying Lock Laces for some time, ever since a fellow triathlete recommended them as a way to save time in transition. I was delighted to have been offered the opportunity to try the laces.

Lock Laces are tie-free stretchy, elastic laces. The laces are one size fits all, 48 inches in length and are cut to size for each shoe. The laces are made of a polyester-covered bungee cord and the lock itself nylon with a little tiny spring inside. Lock Laces come in a variety of colors and are shipping in a little plastic baggie with the instructions printed right on the bag.

Lock Laces

I got my Lock Laces and was eager to try them. I followed the simple instructions (lace, cut, lock) and was laced up and ready to run within five minutes.

Lock Laces in use

Lock Laces close up

The laces seemed stretchy, but as soon as I got my feet in my shoes, I noticed that they felt secure. I did a few awkward, 80’s-calisthenic style stretches to see if my feet would slip in my shoes. Nothing. My feet were totally secure with the Lock Laces on my shoes.

My first run in Lock Laces was totally uneventful. I actually forgot I was wearing a test lace in my shoe. I suppose that’s what you want from shoelaces – they were so good they were unnoticeable. My feet were totally comfortable throughout the run. The next step was to try Lock Laces in a triathlon. I had seen many other triathletes using Lock Laces and imagined that they might cut down on transition time. I was right. I used Lock Laces in a sprint triathlon and shaved a few seconds off my transition time. It might not seem like much, but those few seconds can make a big difference. What’s more, as my feet started to swell from the transition between bike and run, the laces expanded, leaving my feet comfortable and secure. I was impressed.

I liked my Lock Laces so much that I sent a pair to my mom. My mom logs more than 30 miles a week most weeks and works out in Florida. She often has to stop during walks and runs to retie her shoelaces after her feet swell. I thought Lock Laces would be the perfect solution. My mom had this to say:

I replaced my standard laces with Lock Laces following the simple instructions on the package.  I wanted to give them a true test, walking and all day.  I did my walk and was pleasantly surprised, I did not need to retie my shoes.  Usually I need to adjust the laces after about 5 minutes on my left foot (arthritis), but not today.  Hmmm I thought.  I continued to wear the shoes all day and did not adjust the laces at all. Not even at the end of the day when my feet are a bit swollen and need additional room.  I am usually continually making small adjustments, but not this day.  I am not going back to the standard laces, I’m sold on the ease and convenience of the Lock Laces.

Yay! Two satisfied customers. I have been wearing my Lock Laces for about a month now and love them for humid days and conditions where I know my feet could use a little “breathing room”. They are durable and have stayed locked in place. I love not having to tie and retied my shoes.

Overall, I highly recommend Lock Laces. Whether you are a triathlete who wants to save valuable seconds, or someone who wants to stop worrying about shoelaces, Lock Laces are perfect!

3 thoughts on “Gear Review: Lock Laces

  1. Great review! I bought some last week but hadn’t put them in my shoes yet, and am excited to wear them for an 18 miler this weekend. My feet swell easily and I usually have to retie my shoes about an hour into my runs.

  2. I have a pair too and I love them.

    My advice is if you run with a foot pod attached to your laces you need to tuck in the loose end. I found there was a clicking while running, it turns out the end cap was hitting my Garmin foot pod which caused the noise.

    Easy fix, embarrassed to say how long it took to figure out.

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