Gear Review: Newton Energy

I’ve tried Newtons several times, but I couldn’t get used the to lugs. I could feel them while I was running. While I liked the extra cushioning, I just couldn’t get used to the feeling of something underfoot. It felt like something stuck to the bottom of my shoe. Enter the Newton Energy.

No cooler

Newton shoes use the underfoot lugs to provide proprioceptive feedback. This improves form by subtly reminding you to land in a more mechanically correct form – on the ball of your foot. Unfortunately, the technology that made the lugs fabulous also made the Newtons the most expensive on the market. The Newton Energy is a great change, making it more accessible to runners thanks to its $120 price point. The Energy makes the action-rection technology accessible.

I was skeptical, but I decided to give the Energy a try. I loved it!

The shoe features five smaller lugs that are filled with a semi-hollow rubber. The lugs help to evenly distribute weight along the shoe and foot and promote neutral running. I love the feel of the lugs underfoot. I can’t feel the individual lugs, but I can feel the increased cushioning in my forefoot. As a forefoot striker and neutral runner, the Energy offers me more support just where I need it. The cushioning feels supportive and wonderfully cushy. It is a great feeling. The Newton Energy is a great fit  for me. So far, the durability has been great. I don’t have many miles on them, but Newtons emphasize their stellar durability thanks to their actual rubber construction. The mesh upper has great breathability. I’ve worn my Energy shoes on long, hot runs, and found them to be comfortable. They keep my feet cool and the mesh expands and stays comfortable on my foot. I’m prone to blisters and I stay blister-free in the Newton Energy. All in all, I love the Newton Energy! I encourage all runners to give it a try. I imagine that forefoot strikers will find it particularly comfortable with a smooth, cushy ride.

A side note – I wanted to take a picture of myself in the Newton Energy shoes for this post. My friend took this picture after a long run. It’s terrifying. But, I’m posting it. This is what a real runner looks like. I have on one calf sleeve, I’m sweaty, my hair is disheveled, and I have a blob of energy gel spilled on my shirt. I am a runner.

A real (scary) runner

Details for my outfit, above: Lulelemon Run Swiftly Short Sleeve top, Lululemon Turbo Run Shorts (no longer made, but the closest fit today is the Groovy Run Short), Zensah compression calf sleeve, Newton Energy shoes.

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  1. I have had the same experience with Newtons. I’m a mid-foot striker and the Newtons just feel weird! They force me from the mid-foot up onto the forefoot and it just doesn’t work for me, but I’m actually going to try them out tonight. Fleet Feet is having a rep come to the Thursday night Track workout at St. Joe’s. Should be interesting.

    …and if some GU on the shirt is all that you’ve got, you’re well ahead of plenty!!

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