Gear Review: Pace Setter Skirt

I am a girl. Shocking, I know, but my identity as a bit of a girly girl is important to me. I firmly believe that one can look like a girl and a runner, even a trail runner, at the same time. I love that running skirts have become popular, and readily available, in cute colors and patterns. I enjoy running in skirts. I think they’re comfortable, cute, and, most importantly, functional. Skirts are especially great for summer runs – they are cool and comfortable. Recently, I got the Lululemon Run: Pace Setter Skirt in black wee stripe. To be honest, what first attracted me to this skirt was the adorable pleating in the back.

Pace Setter Skirt. Photo credit:

I am a faithful Lululemon customer, so I had high expectations. I hoped that the skirt might be as comfortable as it was pretty. I was pleasantly surprised. I love this skirt. According to Luluemon the skirt has the following features: four-way stretch, moisture wicking, chafe-resistant, and breathable, thanks to flat-seam Swift and Luxtreme construction. The skirt has a built in zipper pocket in the middle of the back on the waistband and two small open pockets in the front waistband. The skirt inseam in the regular length is just over 12 inches in the front and 13 inches in the back (the tall version is and inch and a half longer). There are slightly shorter shorts underneath, with rubberized grips on the hems. It also has the standard Lululemon internal drawstring and a regular rise waist. The waistband is Luxtreme and wide enough to stay flat during runs.

The fabric of the Pace Setter skirt is wonderful. I like the Swift fabric that makes up the body of the skirt. It’s smooth and it feels a bit like the fabric of cotton no-iron dress shirts. It stays smooth and crisp through humidity, sweat, rain, long runs, and even crumpling under warm up pants. Heck, my skirt even stands up to sports drink spills, grass stains, and trail dirt. I feel completely comfortable wearing this skirt post-run into restaurants and grocery stores without feeling like I’m rocking the “I just ran” sweaty look. The Pace Setter skirt is one of my go-to travel pieces because it always looks great – even after I wad it up and toss it in my suitcase. The pleats in the back of the skirt stay crisp and pleated in every condition. The skirt comes our of the washer looking smooth and wearable. Overall, the fabric requires no special care and looks polished all the time.

The Pace Setter skirt in action – in a terrifying race photo (I’m so not photogenic and it was 86 degrees, in my defense).

The shorts underneath the Pace Setter skirt stay put. The rubbery band holds tight, but doesn’t pinch or shift during runs. I don’t have small thighs, so I have a problem with shorts riding up and these shorts are the best. They really stay right where they should, even on longer runs. Just a note – the shorts are shorter than the skirt. The shorts have flat seams and are quite comfortable.

I got my first Pace Setter skirt a few months ago and it’s held up beautifully. It looks just as good today as it did when I bought it. I get compliments on it all the time and have enjoyed wearing it in every condition. Overall, I love this skirt and highly recommend it whether you’re a running skirt wearer or are just getting your first skirt.

Grade: A+

Suggested retail price: $58

Details for Rachel’s outfit, above: Brooks Sunshield visor, Lululemon Cool Racerback tank in flash, Run: Pace Setter Skirt, crazy socks (part of my team uniform for the race), and Nike Run Free 2+ shoes.

5 thoughts on “Gear Review: Pace Setter Skirt

  1. That skirt is super cute! Sadly it is too short for me…I like to have my thighs covered to avoid chafing.
    Question…where are those fabulous striped compression sleeves from??

    • There is a tall version of the skirt, which is longer. That might help with the length issue.

      I’m glad you like the socks! The “compression socks” are not really compression socks. They are just normal cotton socks from Target. I cut the feet off because they were 100% cotton non-wicking, normal socks. They are sold in the bins in the sock area at Target. Any compression was provided because my calves aren’t exactly tiny. 🙂

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