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Like most runners, there are times when I have more gear to carry than I have pockets. Other times, I want to carry heavier gear, like my phone or camera, that just won’t fit in the small pockets on most running apparel. I have tried a number of belts, but never had good luck. Every belt I tried bounced around like crazy – until I found the Spibelt.

I had heard good things about the Spibelt, but I was skeptical. I really thought I just wasn’t a belt person – or had the wrong body shape to avoid belt bouncing. I found a coupon for Spibelt in a magazine and decided it was a sign from the running gods that I should try the Spibelt. There are dozens of colors and varieties of Spibelt. I sorted through all the colors and finally found a really cute pink plaid belt.

The Spibelt looks like most other running belts – holder pouch with an elastic strap. The strap on the Spibelt accommodates a huge range of sizes, 24-40 inches according to the company, so I was assured that it would fit my smaller waist just fine. A set of instructions came with the belt, advising me to load heavy items first and to wear the belt just below my natural waist. The packaging insert reminds the wearer that the belt should be tested before use, and “NEVER at the starting line of your first race”. It also advised me of the generous (one year with a receipt) return policy.

I decided to test my new Spibelt with both my iPhone and my camera.

Spibelt with my iPhone in it

The Spibelt pouch was large enough to comfortably accommodate my iPhone/camera while still leaving space for a packet of sport beans, a key, and a credit card. The pouch really is much larger than it looks. A word of caution – the Spibelt is not waterproof (the pouch is a stretchy mesh fabric), so if you’re a heavy sweater, or planning to run in the rain, put your electronics in a Ziploc baggie before putting them in the pouch.

The true test of the belt came when I ran with it on for the first time. I chose a bumpy trail run as the ultimate test of the Spibelt’s no bouncing, riding up, or shifting claim. I was sure that it would bounce and shift like every other belt I had tried. No one was more shocked than I was when I found that the belt did not budge, despite being loaded with my digital camera. The Spibelt stayed exactly where I put it. It didn’t move, shift, or bounce. The Spibelt didn’t even give me one tiny little bounce on a technical downhill section. I’m impressed. I have finally found a bounce-free belt! It comes in a variety of fun colors, has great add on items like race number hooks, has sizable storage space, and it doesn’t bounce. I love the Spibelt!

Grade: A+

Retail Price: $19.95

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