Gear Review: Saucony Ulti Mitts

I love my Saucony Ulti Mitts. After this morning’s frigid run, I thought about writing an ode to my mittens, but decided a gear review would suffice. I have already recommended these mittens to every runner I know, so now I will share the joy with you, my loyal readers.

The Saucony Ulti Mitt is a combination Drylete glove (similar to the Ultimate Run Glove, just a bit thinner) with an attached shell mitten-like cover for the fingers.

Ulti Mitts

There are a few key features of the Ulti Mitt that make it a superior mitten. First, the Drylete fabric of the glove part is wicking, so it keeps my fingers dry. When my fingers warm up, I can flip the mitten part open and let the wicking fabric quickly cool my fingers. The Saucony logos are reflective for visibility. The mitts also come with a removable LED light for added safety in low light running. The glove part has removable finger and thumb tips so you can easily use your Garmin or touch screen phone.


The best feature of the Ulti Mitt is the mitten outer shell. The mitten shell really does keep my fingers significantly warmer than any other mitten or glove I own. I tend to be cold and have cold fingers. My hands are always warm enough in my Ulti Mitts, even during a run in 8 degree weather. The outer shell is water and wind resistant, making the Ulti Mitt perfect for winter running. The only downside to the Ulti Mitt is that the outer shell isn’t very elastic, so the outer shell can bounce around a bit when running. I tend to be sensitive to bouncing, so I found this distracting initially. I forgot about it in a mile or two and the bounce is much less distracting than cold fingers. All things considered, I highly recommend the Ulti Mitt.

Grade: A

Retail Price: $45 (but the savvy shopper will wait for a Saucony mailing list email coupon or check prices on Amazon)

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