Goofy Challenge, Here I Come!

Last night it hit me. It’s really happening. I am running the Goofy Challenge. Oh. And the Tinker Bell Half Marathon. That’s right, I’m going Coast to Coast in 2014! You’d think it might have seemed real when I signed up, or when I picked out and bought components of my costumes. But, what really made it real was scheduling my flights.

It all started with my insistence that last year’s Disney Marathon wouldn’t be my last. I had so much difficulty with my fibula that my performance was disappointing.

Disney Finish

As soon as I finished, I told my mom that I would run it again the next year to redeem myself. As I walked around the property that afternoon, I saw all the happy RunDisney folks with the Goofy Challenge medals and I was jealous. I wanted that medal. I committed to the Goofy Challenge right then and there. I was less than two hours from my WDW Marathon finish and I was ready for a second one. That’s how it all began.

I signed up for the Goofy Challenge the moment registration opened. I talked about it with my family. My brother and sisters-in-law have been running and they’ve been talking about running their first half marathons. I told all three that I would run with them for their first half marathon, any time, anywhere. And that’s how the slippery slope happened. I’ve long said that running is a slippery slope. You run a 5k and you think, “I could run a little further”. Next thing you know it’s a 10k, then 10 miles, then half marathon. It’s a slippery slope. One day, my sister-in-law called me and said she was in. She was running the half marathon with me as part of my Goofy Challenge. My brother and my other sister-in-law were next. Then the whole family was signed up!

Slippery Slope

I can’t begin to say how excited I was. But that wasn’t the end. My friend from Arizona signed up a few days later. And then another friend signed up for the marathon. It’s amazing! Within days I had a whole crew and we are all running. Then my friend from Arizona and I agreed to do Coast to Coast. Woo hoo! Suddenly, I was planning the running event to end all running events!

So I’m planning a massive family and friends vacation. It’s amazing. My wonderful travel agent, Heather, has set us up with great on-property hotel rooms and transportation. We’re all planning costumes. For those who are curious, I’m running as Rapunzel from Tangled for the half marathon, Goofy for the marathon (thanks to Kelly from Run Team Sparkle for the inspiration), and Ursula from The Little Mermaid (check out this amazing inspiration!) for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon. It’s just so exciting!

Last night, I scheduled my flights. Home to Florida to California and back home. And, suddenly, it hit me. I’m running at the Happiest Place on Earth. Coast to Coast, here I come!

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  1. It is so exciting! My first half at WDW was this past year, and I am doing it again in 2014. I keep itching to upgrade to Goofy though 🙂

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