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Men, are you feeling left out by my focus on women’s running gear? Not to worry, today’s guest blog from my running friend, Jack, deals with the important issue of men’s running gear. Here’s his advice…

Rachel promised I could be a guest blogger sometime so here goes.  I really thought it would be a race report, but here in the middle of winter….albeit a warm one, no races until the end of the month.  So instead, I have been excited by Rachels’ detailed notes on her winter running gear, so I wanted to make sure everyone can get the benefit of my vast experience also.

This item is a heavy cotton sweatshirt that I have used for over 20 years.  You can see already the timeless styling, color and of course the durability of such an item.  But there is much more.  Wearing this ensures you will accumulate nearly all of the sweat you produce during a run and increase your weight by as much as a pound or two during a long run, making for a weight reducing sauna type workout.  This is accomplished best if accompanied by an underlayer of a cotton race shirt from the same era (editor’s note: I have personally witnessed this phenomenon on numerous runs thanks to Jack’s extensive collection of race shirts).

But there are several  hugely compelling reasons you might acquire something like this in your running wardrobe.  First of all it is so indestructible you could reasonably bushwhack through field of prickers (we did this on Wednesday) ) with little no ill effect to the fabric……come to think of it, even if it did there would be little change to the overall look.  In fact wearing this, one could take on nearly any outdoor project including painting, roofing, ditch digging….all would only add to the patina of history the garment acquires.  Furthermore if you find you left this behind after a run, rest assured, no one will steal it.  It will likely still be there next week, or whenever you remember it.

But best of all……the cost.  This kind of garment is either free or close to it.  I nearly guarantee there is already one at the bottom of your drawer that was given to you at some point…..possibly it has undesirable logos or dated wording on it… “New England Patriots”….or maybe “1984 Los Angeles Olympics”…no matter….it works just as well inside out.  If by some chance you do not own something like this and want one……simply show up at any fall marathon, and hang around at the one mile mark.  I guarantee you can pick up several of equal quality……as long as you can outrun the clean up crew.

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