Happy Anniversary

Two years ago today I had knee surgery. I had no idea at the time how much my life would be both the same and, in small ways, different. It’s a strange thing to have something so definite shift the way I think and move. I am so grateful today to have run a 10k with an old friend. A nice trail run in the rain was the perfect way to acknowledge the day. I am grateful today for my surgeon, my physical therapists, my nurses, and everyone else who gave me a knee that works, even if I am sometimes irritated with it. I am grateful today for my mom, who staged a hunger protest in solidarity, who didn’t sleep at all those first miserable nights, and who encouraged me when moving my leg hurt so much I saw stars. But today I am most grateful that I can run and that, for the first time, I understand what it is to love running for the pure joy of running.

Ten years ago this month I graduated from undergrad. Until today I had not really been back on my campus. Everything was both the same and so very different. I saw so many places that have been locked in my memory in a certain way. Driving into town and across campus I was overwhelmed with the memories of a specific place or a specific time in my life. I am grateful today for all the people who were there then and who helped me become the person I am today.

It has been a day for nostalgia…

There was a great episode of Sex and the City (I Heart New York) in which Carrie says “There is a time of year in New York when, even before the first leaf falls, you can feel the seasons click. The air is crisp, the summer is gone.” Today I could feel the seasons click and today I am grateful.