Land of the Living

I think I have finally rejoined the land of the living. I can breathe most of the time and I almost have my voice back. Tomorrow I will even try running again. It’s going to be good to be back.

It all started out with the illness I mentioned a few posts ago. I felt generally crappy and asthmatic for about a week. I finally decided to go to the doctor when I completely lost my voice. It was gone gone – no scratchy voice, not even a squeak. For some unknown reason, whenever I can’t see my usual doctor, something ridiculous happens. This was no exception. I saw an APRN at my usual doctor’s office. She proclaimed that I did not have strep throat and, if I could just stop smoking, would be just fine. I don’t smoke and never have. Undeterred, she decreed that running was “too strenuous” and that it was certainly the smoking or the running that had made me sick. She seemed pretty convinced that if I were to stop smoking I would be cured. Never mind that I don’t smoke. All I got was a pamphlet and a lecture about smoking. Resigned, I headed home to rest and take some time of work. A few days later, my illness took a turn for the worse and it required another visit to the doctor. This time, I got my regular doctor. Turns out my blood oxygen level was dangerously low and I had bronchitis and a sinus infection. Since it had been almost a week since the last visit, and two weeks of sickness, my lungs were a mess. I got an immediate nebulizer treatment and a prescription for heavy duty antibiotics. She insisted that I get and use a nebulizer at home.

I headed on over to the medical pharmacy, a magical land with lift chairs and canes and shower stools, to get my new nebulizer and the juice that goes in it. My doctor must have been pretty serious about getting my lungs back on track because she prescribed 288 treatments.

That’s a lot of nebulizing! The helpful woman at the medical pharmacy offered me my choice of different tubes and off I went with her tube of choice.

It’s been a couple days and I’m feeling better. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will have a nice run tomorrow and will be back on track in time for the Colchester Half Marathon. Wish me luck!

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  1. I can’t believe she insisted that you smoked (or that she blamed your sickness on running). Yikes. Glad you FINALLY got the proper diagnosis and treamtment.

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