Lite Brite

I love a good contest, particularly a costume contest. I like the challenge of coming up with something truly creative. I also love to see what other people come up with for costumes – and what people are willing to run in for the sake of a contest. Nothing is more fun that a group run that involves a costume contest. So, you can imagine my joy when Fleet Feet West Hartford announced a Light Up Your Run contest with Brooks Running. The premise was that winter running requires not only warm gear, but reflective clothing and safety equipment. The contest was designed to encourage runners to sport their brightest gear. I got to work on my costume idea right away. Once I had my idea I tried it on. It was blinding. Perfect.

I hate to give away all my secrets, but let’s just say my super fun outfit involved running with huge battery packs to power my lights. I ran past an older man on the fun run who told me my outfit scared his dog. A running friend called me Lite Brite (which was a wonderful toy!). But, it was all worth it when I won. That’s right. I won! I was delighted to have won even before I heard about the prize. This lucky girl won a whole Brooks outfit, including the new Pure Flow shoes.

I’ve been meaning to try the new Pure Project shoes now that Brooks changed the upper to a boot that didn’t have a seam right where my baby toe sits. I ran in my Pure Flows for the first time today. I love these shoes! The fit is comfortable, slightly snug through the midfoot, and cushy. I love that Flows are a lower profile shoe, with a moderate heel to toe drop, but they feel super cushioned. My feet were very happy.