Long Time No Blog

Wow. I just logged on to post something new and realized that it’s been ten whole days since I’ve created a new blog post. Yikes! Time really has gotten away from me.

I came back from Disney (loved it!) and the little tiny sniffle I had before Disney turned into something evil. A hacking cough, a stuffy nose, and killer sinus pain took over my body. I laid low for a while before admitting defeat and getting on some antibiotics for my obvious sinus infection. I guess the airport/plane/bus/expo/bus/marathon/plane combination was too much for my feeble immune system. My poor asthmatic lungs grab on to any and all germs within a 50 foot radius. After spending the weekend on my couch, doing nothing, I was feeling much better.

Just when I started to feel human again, it was time for the new semester to begin. Since I had been in Disney Training Mode, then sick, I hadn’t done anything to prepare for the semester and whole classes of students were expecting me to show up on Tuesday and do something. This led to a frantic scrambling process at work on Monday. Write syllabus. Copy syllabus. Learn new online class notes/grades system. Plan something to say on the first day. Try not to cough on too many students. I survived the first day of classes, only to have the undergrads point out that my dates were wrong on the syllabus for about half of the semester. Oops. I prevailed and managed to make it through the week sanity intact.

As if that wasn’t crazy enough, I started teaching a new yoga class (yoga for athletes!) at a local studio. I love teaching yoga, but there’s always a new song to find, playlists to create, or asana sequences to build. I’ve kept pretty busy.

Now that I have emerged on the other side of both my major marathon goal and the first week of a new semester, I’ve been thinking about my goals. Normal people make New Year’s resolutions. I make new semester resolutions. I work on a semester schedule, so I plan my goals by semester. This semester I will…

  1. Try not to eat as many meals at my desk. Or maybe at least eat better quality (i.e. not all Lean Cuisine) meals at my desk. (My actual desk and actual to do list for those of you who wonder if I only run and never work)Meal at desk. :(
  2. Stick to my running schedule. Even when it’s been a long day. And it’s snowing. And my leg kind of hurts. Generally, try not to get sucked into work and preserve the work-life balance. Snow!
  3. Spend quality time with my running friends.
  4. Stick with my stretching and strengthening routines, regular massage, and chiropractic care to stay healthy and injury-free.
  5. Drink more water so I can be better hydrated.

I think it’s going to be a good semester. Fingers crossed.