Lucy Gets Serious about Running

Lucy, my running dog, having finally figured out the fine art of running on a leash, is getting serious about her running career. What are the first signs that one’s dog is getting serious about running, you might ask. It’s simple.

  1. Lucy has running gear. Being a supportive running mom, I got Lucy her first piece of running gear. She is now the proud owner of a SPI Leash. She loves it. It’s a hands-free belt/leash with attached SPI Belt pocket. Loyal readers will know how much I love my SPI Belt, so I got the leash for Lucy. Now, she’s looking into acquiring a reflective running vest for twilight runs.
  2. Lucy has a training plan. On her first successful leash running effort, Lucy hit the wall around 2 miles. I realized that she might need to work on her fitness if she’s really going to enjoy running. Twice a week I run with other dogs and dog parents on trails. Our trails have streams and ponds, and trees and interesting things to smell. I think Lucy would love to run with some running friends. In order for her to join us, she has to be able to run at least 4 miles. It’s time for a training plan. Following the adage of not increasing ones mileage by more than 10%, Lucy will need a few weeks’ training time to get to 4+ miles. She’s on a strict training plan of regular miles to get in shape.
  3. Lucy is working hard on her rest days and cross training. Normally an active dog, Lucy seems to be taking her rest seriously. She’s cross training by digging in the yard and chasing her doggie sisters. It seems she has all the elements of a balanced training plan.

Next, Lucy will have to sign up for a race. After all, serious runners have goals.

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