Lucy Goes on a Group Run

Today Lucy the Running Dog went on her very first group run. Having engaged in a rigorous training program, she was fit enough for my usual Tuesday 4-5 mile group run. The real question was how she might respond to running with other people on a new trail. We learned a few things.

First, I learned that Lucy does not like running on rocks. Part of the trail we ran today has large, moss-covered rocks that stick up in slippery, sharp rock fields. This worries Lucy. She tries to avoid the rocks, often dragging me along with her. After slipping and sliding down the first rocky decline, we took the other hills a bit slower. He confidence grew a bit as we went on, but she seemed a bit uncertain as she scrambled here and there.

Lucy really seems to enjoy running on flat, smooth, cross country-type trails. She likes running right by my side and does not like single track. She can’t seem to figure out how to run behind me on the single track and when she’s in front she can’t maintain a steady speed. I am always worried I might kick her or step on her foot, so she’ll need to work on her comfort with single track.

Lucy likes her new running friends. Just like people, Lucy likes running with a group. She had fun with her new friends and, I think, liked showing off for them. She finished just over 5 miles, her longest run to date. She’s spent most of the rest of the day asleep on her favorite chair. She stretches occasionally (must keep those hamstrings loose) but has generally been asleep. You know it’s been a good run when a nap is required.

I’m sure once she wakes up, she will be ready for her next run.

Giveaway Results

In other news, the winners from my WarmFX giveaway have been selected. Thanks to a random number generator, the following people are the luck winners: Emily, Patty, Sarah, and Deerae. Congratulations, ladies!

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  1. That was fun today …she did great! I’m sure she and Sasha will get to know each other better and have fun

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