More Salt Lake City Miles

I had a great time in Salt Lake City and was feeling a bit sad to see my trip end. Luckily, I got to squeeze in a quick run before my last meeting and return trip on Saturday. Friday afternoon, I got an invitation for a Saturday morning run from Rachel of Utah Tri Girl. I love meeting online friends in real life, so I was delighted that we managed to connect. Rachel and I met bright and early Saturday morning for a few casual miles. She was an excellent tour guide. I got to see Temple Square, including a beautifully lit temple.

We ran past the Tabernacle and we peeked in to see the amazing pipe organ. We ran past the gigantic convention center and through a lovely little park. We chatted about running and triathlons and husbands and life. It was wonderful – a great run and great conversation (thanks, Rachel!). Unfortunately, we both had things to do, so we said goodbye just before sunrise. I headed up to my room to get ready for the day/take more pictures of the mountains.

Then, it was time to leave. Boo. I had a great time and some great runs in Salt Lake City.