My Car, Myself

As I was driving around the other day, having just finished one workout and on my way to the other, I was struck by my car’s chaotic state. As I work my way through two-a-days and lots of excellent workouts, my car gets a workout. This is my backseat –

My car, myselfSwim bag, yoga mat, bag of dirty clothes, three pairs of shoes, a jacket, a new Lululemon purchase (Fluffin Awesome Vest), and empty bottles of water. It’s a messy thing to be an athlete.


3 thoughts on “My Car, Myself

  1. I can relate! I had gear all over the house, so we ended up using 1 drawer in our TV cabinet for some stuff (which is in the living room where I usually get everything ready) and then we found a cute basket to put the rest of the stuff in, in the kitchen.

  2. I can relate, although I rarely use my car, so instead its my apartment. There are random socks, headphones, etc all over the place. I thought it was just a personality trait.

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