On My Last Nerve

I’ve been kind of quiet lately, and partly that’s due to an injury. I didn’t want to write about it until I had a plan. Plans are important to me and it makes me uncomfortable to have a problem and not have a plan for responding to it. What can I say? I’m a solver. I have to have a plan.

It all started last week. I was in Florida, running and walking my dog and generally on a nice little retreat/vacation. One morning I woke up with this odd pain in my lower leg.

Thinking it was nothing, I decided to go on about my day. I was sure that the pain would subside and all would be well. About 20 feet into my run, the pain started to change from that-feels-weird to stabbing. By a half of a mile, the pain was super not kidding around and it was affecting my gait. I called it quits at one mile to walk and stretch. That didn’t help, so I ended the run. I was sure that I had just slept funny, or tweaked something and it would be better in the morning. The next day my mom and dad returned home and I set out with my mom for a walk. All was well in my leg during the walk, so I was sure it was fine. “I’ll just try a few miles”, I said to myself. I made it about 15 feet before the stabbing pain returned. I immediately stopped running and went home to ice my leg. I didn’t run any more on vacation, but I texted my wonderful massage therapist and emailed my physical therapist/athletic trainer. I’m pretty sure my text said something like “Emergency! Disaster! Leg is popping off!” I secured a massage appointment for about an hour after I would get off the plane.

During the massage, my wonderful massage therapist and I hypothesized about the source of the pain. She was able to easily find the epicenter of pain and suffering and worked on it. I met with my trainer the next day. He confirmed the diagnosis. Something had gone awry with my lateral gastroc and it was pulling on the attachment point where a whole bunch of stuff, including a little bitty nerve, come together. So the crazy, stabbing pain I was feeling was the nerve being compressed. There’s a neat little diagram here. Not so good. I’ve had a week of total rest, one decent run, two massages, one physical therapy appointment, and several terrifying run-ins with Google’s ideas about my injury.

Here’s the plan:

Significantly increase rest. Status: Boo.

PT three times a week. Status: Appointments scheduled; one completed.

Massage. Status: Done. Sports massage weekly until pain subsides, self massage with foam roller and The Stick twice daily.  I’m even carrying around a tennis ball just in case I need a quick mini-massage.

Gradually test leg on runs. Status: So far so good. Here’s hoping it’s tolerable by this weekend for a long run.

I’m determined. I will prevail – and I will run the Disney Marathon in 5 (!) weeks.

3 thoughts on “On My Last Nerve

  1. Wheels are bound to fall off the wagon at this point… physically and mentally! Since my 16 I’ve had nagging pain in my back (as you know, my lingering source of concern) and just felt sluggish. So we’re all in this together and we will finish this marathon together, whether we are dragged across the finish line by snow white’s dwarfs or not! Keep up the plan (I should probably get one) and I hope you are pain free soon!

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