Packing for Hood to Coast

In less than 24 hours, I’m leaving on a jet plane, and heading to Oregon for Hood to Coast. Hood to Coast is the mother of all relays and I can’t wait to run it. It’s a running lifelong dream. Here’s how it happened:

Months ago, some running friends mentioned that they were thinking of applying to the Hood to Coast lottery and asked me if I would like to run. I have wanted to run Hood to Coast for years, and I finally had found a team of people who wanted to run and wanted me to run with them. Yay! Our fearless leader put in the application. I couldn’t believe it when she told me we got in. We were going to Oregon! It seemed so far away. Now, the time has come. And I have to pack!

As one of our team’s officially designated highly organized teammates, I prepared a packing list. Here it is:

Three sets of running clothes plus a spare set just in case, rain shell, long sleeve shirt or pullover, hat, sunglasses, five pairs of socks, reflective vest, wind jacket, headlamp, flashing light, camera, Garmin, iPhone, chargers for camera iPhone and Garmin, clothes to wear in the van, warm up pants, flip flops, two pairs of running shoes, sweatshirt for the beach, The Stick, Biofreeze, handheld water bottle, compression sleeves, arm warmers, and snacks.

Turns out that’s  lot of stuff! What a mess!
Yikes. I’m not sure all that stuff will fit in one bag. And, is that really all that I need? This is my first relay and this is a big one! I got some great advice to put my running clothes in baggies to keep the parts together and organized.
I love anything that makes travel more organized. The big question remains – did I miss anything? Relay veterans – what would you add or subtract from my list?
Stay tuned for updates and reports from the race. Hood to Coast, here I come!