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Recently, the nice folks over at Drip Drop Oral Rehydration offered to send me some samples of their product to review. Never being one to say no to samples, I happily agreed. Though I was provided the samples to review, this review represents my honest opinion and experience using the Drip Drop product.

Drip Drop initially appealed to me because it’s a company with a great story. Drip Drop was started by Dr. Eduardo Dolhun, a physician in California. As the story goes, the idea came to him while he was a medical student on a mission in Guatemala. While on his medical mission, Dr. Dolhun saw previously healthy children die of cholera, some who were so dehydrated that doctors were unable to find a vein for the IV therapy that might have saved their lives. This experience led Dr. Dolhun to become a proponent of oral rehydration therapy (ORS). The problem with ORS is that the optimal balance of glucose, water, and electrolytes often results in a disgusting, salty beverage that no one wants to drink – let alone drink when they really need it. So, Dr. Dolhun set out to create the product that would eventually become Drop Drop, a fresh tasting, enhanced ORS.

Drip Drop has been used around the world to save lives of children and adults who need to quickly restore proper electrolyte and fluid balance lost through vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, or excessive heat (check out their amazing testimonials on the website). So, how did I get Drip Drop, you may be wondering. Dr. Dolhun himself contacted me to offer me the samples of Drip Drop. His idea, that an ORS should taste good, is appealing to athletes, myself included.

Let me be honest. I hate most sports beverages. I don’t like salty foods and the taste of salt in a sick-y sweet beverage is disguising to me. I can’t stand most of the conventional sports beverages and I have never really found an electrolyte enhanced drink that didn’t taste horrible to me. I was hesitant to try Drip Drop, so I started small. I started with 1/4 of one packet (meant to go in an entire bottle of water) per bottle. Pretty tasty. Then I bumped it up to a half packet and eventually a whole packet.

I like Drip Drop. It has a nice, tangy lemon flavor. It isn’t sweet and tastes rather like lemon and not lemon flavoring. Drip Drop does have a bit of the salty taste that’s requisite in any sports beverage, but it isn’t overtly salty. I must admit, it tastes pretty good. To confirm that I hadn’t lost my sense of taste, I passed it out to some ladies on my regular Saturday run who are consumers of another electrolyte mix. The reviews were good. Everyone seemed to like the taste. We all thought it had a nice, light lemon flavor and wasn’t overly salty. Those of us with sensitive running stomachs tolerated it well.

Here’s what I like about Drip Drop:

  • It comes in nifty little packets so you can add as much as you like and control the taste. For those of us who are salt-averse, this is a huge advantage over the pre-mixed or tablet variety sports drinks. I think I will be more likely to use it because I can control the amount of powder I mix in, making the taste palatable for me.
  • It has a nice, light lemon flavor that isn’t sweet. This is great, because nothing tastes worse to me on hot long runs than sugary sports drink. I am sure the light lemon flavor will be wonderful when it’s really hot and humid.
  • It made me feel subjectively well hydrated. Granted, I tried it in the winter, but I did feel like I needed less water after my run. I am looking forward to trying it out this summer. My usual strategy of drink tons of water could stand to be improved upon.
  • It didn’t have any adverse gastrointestinal effects. Need I say more?

All in all, I liked Drip Drop and will continue to use it. To get your own supply, you can order directly from Drip Drop on their website. Just click on “Buy Online”.

Grade: A

Retail price: $26.99 for 12 packets

Note: Dr. Dolhun had a great follow up point that I think is important to mention – Drip Drop is a true ORS by international medical standards. Most similar sports drinks are just that – sports drinks. They are drinks with sugar and without the proper electrolyte balance. In his words “[other sports drinks] are not even close in terms of electrolytes and their balance with sugars.  If [another drink] has no sugar, then it cannot utilize the sodium-glucose co-transport system, the life-saving electrolyte and H2O uptake mechanism of the body.” All the more reason to give Drip Drop a try.

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