Race Recap: 2011 Scrooge Scramble

Today, after opening presents and rejoicing in my new running gear…

Post-Christmas mess

Joe and I ran the 2011 Scrooge Scramble. This was the 21st annual Scramble, hosted by the Cornerstone Foundation, in Rockville, Connecticut. Over $2000 in cash, and a small mountain of clothing and other goods, were collected from race-day donations to support the shelter, soup kitchen, and teen drop-in center. I arrived early to register and was met by a very friendly lady at a VERY low-key registration desk.

Scrooge Scramble registration

It was 28 degrees and cloudy at the 10:30am race start. The event included an easy, out-and-back course and lots of canines and costumes. It’s a pretty low-key event. It is timed, on the honor system, with the race directors handing out an index card noting the finisher’s place at the finish line. A few shelter residents were on hand to cheer on the runners, and there were lots of people in the holiday spirit and in great costumes. There were a few people notably absent in holiday cheer, cutting the course and jumping in front of other runners on the back part of the out and back, but the vast majority of people seemed to be running for fun, not for times. All in all, it was a fun race. And, what’s not to like about a race that rewards finishers with baked goods?!


Update: You can find the results from the 2011 Scrooge Scramble here.