Race Review: The Danze Sprint Triathlon

I’m a new triathlete and I’ve been working on developing my skills. This summer, I’m taking swimming lessons to try to improve in the discipline. I’m getting faster and stronger and I thought it was time to test my skills. As a test, I signed up for the Danze Sprint Triathlon organized by Ocean State Multisport. The race featured a 1/4 mile swim, a 10 mile bike, and a 4 mile run. The run is a bit longer than a sprint distance, but I appreciated the extra mile on the run. It’s my best discipline and I might as well enjoy it.

The day was gorgeous, if a little chilly for a swim. It was 55 degrees, dry, and bright. I arrived at the beach and was instructed to drive to a local church for parking. The young man giving instructions didn’t realize that everyone wasn’t a local, so his directions were a little unclear. After driving a bit (and seeing some of the bike course, which was a real plus), I found the church and the parking. Packet pick up and body marking was at the church. I got all my gear together and rode my bike to the start line.


The swim was a beach start at a lovely lake. The quarter mile swim was well marked and looked manageable. Once in the water, I noticed that the water was warm and clear. It was great! there were quite a lot of aquatic plants, but I didn’t mind them. Most were broad leafed seaweed that could be easily kicked off. The swim start was a little chaotic, but the field thinned quickly and I had great underwater visibility.

Triathlon beach

After the swim, I ran the short distance to the transition area. I appreciated that the transition area was very close to the swim and in a blacktopped parking lot. I didn’t have to cross rocks or grass to get to transition, so I could run smoothly without worrying about my feet. The transition area was organized by number, so I was able to quickly get in and get my biking gear together.

The bike was hilly and challenging, with a long, steep incline at the start of the bike section. The bike course was very well marked, with white signs pointing the directions and a course that went along marked roadways. Police were present at all major intersections and directed bike traffic smoothly along the course. Toward the end of the 10-mile bike course, the course wound into a small residential neighborhood near the lake. It was hilly and challenging riding, but the views of the fields and lake were gorgeous. I was able to easily navigate on the bike course.

After the bike, I rolled smoothly into transition to prepare for the run. Running is my best discipline, so I was thrilled to be able to run. The run course started with a long, gradual hill which got my legs warmed up quickly. The run course then flattened with gradual, rolling hills through lovely neighborhoods. The course was well-marked, with huge white signs and volunteers with flags all along the course. Each white sign had the cell phone number of the race director just in case a runner was lost or needed help. I easily navigated the run course and found that it turned into the same neighborhood to finish as the bike course had. Since I knew that part of the course, I picked up the pace and was able to finish the run in a time that I felt proud of.

The finish line was clearly marked and finishers were greeted by helpful volunteers. There was a wide selection of fruit and plenty of water. Results were posted quickly and free massages were offered to all finishers. I had an amazing massage and enjoyed talking with some fellow finishers.

Overall, the Danze Sprint Triathlon was a lovely race. It was well organized and the course was well marked. The courses for all three disciplines were interesting, challenging, and beautiful. It was a great race to complete and I highly recommend it, and all of the OceanState Multisport events.

Triathlon success


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  1. I am also new to tri’s and had a great time at the Danze. It was a beautiful day! I remember speaking to you at the end of the event. You were putting on your shirt admiring how great woman smell post race and it made me laugh. Keep smiling. See you next year! Milly

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