Rock N Roll Providence, The Sequel

This weekend, I ran the Rock N Roll Providence half marathon. If you’re keeping track, I ran this race last year and chronicled my experience in the Case of the Accidental PR. I loved the race and the course so much that I signed up for the 2013 race as soon as registration opened. I love this race! Even though it had grown significantly in size, all the same amazing features were there.


First, the course is gorgeous. It starts in a lovely older neighborhood, goes through a park, past the river, and then through the “downcity” and financial district. It ends right in front of the state house.


The course is well marked and the whole event has amazing organization. Every detail is explained in emails and helpful volunteers are all over. Parking is simple. The start line is easy to find and well organized. Gear check is efficient – but isn’t even necessary thanks to nearby parking. On the course, medical staff are present and security staff line the roads. There see cheering spectators, lovely views, and interesting things to look at. There are great bands on the course and a huge finish line party. Even the medal is great. All in all, I love the Rock N Roll Providence series and especially love the half marathon. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a great course for a new PR…


3 thoughts on “Rock N Roll Providence, The Sequel

  1. I ran the mini marathon in Providence as well. I agree that it was really well organized, but I’m wondering if they could have made the corrals a little bigger. I ended up in an overflow on the sidewalk because I tried to make a last minute portapotty stop (like everyone else) and couldn’t walk up the sidewalk because of all the overflow. Other than that, really well marked and whatnot.

    I was kind of bummed realizing how few people did the mini marathon though – when we split off at just before mile 2, there was hardly anyone around me, kind of a wasteland and a little de-motivating. I think if I ever do it again it would have to only be for the half (if I ever get up to running that far).

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