Runner on the Road

Lately I’ve been traveling a lot. Some travel has been work and some has been personal, but I’ve been away from home a lot. I normally enjoy travel, but I think I’m reaching my travel limit. I’m reliant on my routine to get in my runs and to follow my nutrition plan. Those runs and meals are what keep me on track, organized, and sane. Without my precious fitness routine, things start to get off track. I’m doing my best to stick to my routine. I’ve been running and working out in all variety of hotel gyms. Some were excellent…

Marriott gym

And some were not. I’ve run in industrial areas, commercial office parks, and along residential streets. I have devised airport fitness routines and even do squats while I’m on breaks in meetings.

I have had amazing, delicious food in wonderful restaurants. I’ve partaken of many of my favorite treats, including fabulous barbecue at Jim N Nick’s in Atlanta.


All in all, it’s been fun. I’ve been lucky to make it home despite pretty difficult and snowy travel conditions.

Snowy airport

I’m home for a while and glad to be back in my own house. Today I’m back on my routine. I am headed to the gym to visit the treadmill tonight, and crossing my fingers spring comes quickly.

One thought on “Runner on the Road

  1. Oh the office park runs! I’ve done those. I have a relatively easy time staying on track for 1-3 days of business travel but anything more and it’s game off! I traveled for 9 days a few winters ago with clients and it was nearly impossible to stay on track. Luckily we were in beautiful places (Hawaii and San Diego…I know, feel sorry for me!) that were both conducive to and encouraged outdoor running. I remember the miserably awful tiny, sauna-like gym at our hotel in San Diego and I couldn’t deal with it.

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