Runners’ Tan

I’m on vacation in Florida and having a great time. My mom lives here and she’s fit – she walks every day for miles and miles. When I come I always walk with her. This trip I had the added bonus of the Runners World Run Streak. This means that I have been logging a lot of miles and a lot of time in the Florida sun.

It started out innocently enough. What was a shadow of a tan line around my neck got a bit deeper. Then a sports bra shaped pattern emerged on my chest and neck. Next it was the sock line. Pasty white foot, tan legs. Things got worse when the shorts line appeared, despite wearing shorts and skirts of different lengths. I had a serious runners’ tan. Had.

Yesterday I remarked to my mom that I hoped I could even out my pathetic tan at the pool today. I dutifully slathered on sunscreen. I came back from the pool with a sunburn shaped like the relief of my runners’ tan. Everywhere that was white was burnt. Now I’m half pink and half tanned. Not really an improvement.

So, I’ve decided to rock my runners’ tan with pride. Farmers aren’t ashamed of their tan lines. It’s the mark of hard work and a deep tan earned through hours in the sun. I can live with that. I earned this runners’ tan.

2 thoughts on “Runners’ Tan

  1. I like my tan lines. Shows I do a sport that involves some outdoor activity. Better then being a spraytan faker who never leaves the settee – by a million miles!

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