Running for Boston

Since the tragedy in Boston, I’ve been keeping up on the news, following the recovery efforts, and generally staying informed. What’s been most inspiring to me is the amazing outpouring of support for the One Fund Boston and the Boston Strong/Run for Boston campaigns. All across the country (and the internet), runners are coming together to support the citizens of Boston, law enforcement, and our running brothers and sisters who were impacted by the tragedy. I have heard so many stories of runners who have been inspired to donate, run, and speak out to support our community.

Never one to pass up an opportunity to run in support of others, I immediately sought out opportunities to lend support to the various causes. Immediately after the tragedy, I wore my races shirts in support of the running community. The Tuesday after the tragedy, I led my usual Lululemon Run Club run and our little group ran 4.09 miles, the last few moment in silence for Boston.

Boston tribute

Early this week, I had a work obligation that took me to another state. With a group of non-runners, I was worried that no one would understand my desire to observe a minute of silence at 2:50pm (right in the middle of a meeting).  When everyone immediately agreed to my request, it hit me. The Boston bombing was about more than just running and its impact is far-reaching. My non-running colleagues wanted to hear about my experience and learn about the running community. To them, all runners are Boston marathoners. I love being a part of my strong running community and being a Boston marathoner at heart.

I was far away from my running home and my community’s efforts to gather a group and run for Boston on Monday night. Undeterred, on Monday I set out on my own private run for Boston. I left my hotel room and ran 4 miles in silence with Boston on my mind. I’ve donated to the One Fund for Boston and bought my BAA tribute shirts. Today, and every day, we are a strong running community. We are Boston Strong. I couldn’t be more proud to call myself a runner.