Running in Portland

Last week, I traveled to Portland, Oregon for a work conference. I had been in Portland before (for Hood to Coast) and loved it, so I was excited to return. I remembered Portland as I clean, friendly city with great opportunities for fitness. My return visit only confirmed that view. I loved my trip to Portland. I’ll share my highlights.

First, the food in Portland was amazing! I love food and Portland is a great place for fun food. There were tons of great food trucks, avocado at every meal, and options for meat lovers and vegetarians alike.


I love donuts. A lot. And Portland is donut heaven. Portland has Voodoo Donuts, the most amazing, creative donut shop ever. I had an apple fritter that was without a doubt the best apple fritter I’ve ever had. If I’m being honest, I had lots of donuts. And every one was the best donut of its kind I’ve ever had.



Portland has a fun downtown and the Pearl District offers unique shops and restaurants. It’s a very walkable city. The opportunities for running were outstanding. Not only could I run all over town, I enjoyed several runs on the paved trail next to the Willamette River. It was gorgeous. And, thanks to being on Eastern Time, I got to see the sun rise over the river almost very day.


All in all, I enjoyed my trip to Portland. Of course, it was a little painful Monday morning to find I wasn’t on Pacific Time anymore. But it was worth it. Portland is clean, friendly, and fun.


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