Running in Salt Lake City

I’m in Salt Lake City, Utah for work and I have learned that it’s insanely pretty. I don’t know how anyone could ever get used to seeing the mountains every day. I got into Salt Lake City Thursday afternoon…

…and immediately went for a run. The fact that it was raining was not a deterrent because it was 45 degrees and the views were amazing. I met someone who is here for the same work event and we headed out together for 4 casual, wet miles. I was immediately aware that running Salt Lake City, at least compared to central Connecticut, is running at altitude. I was barely moving at a glacial pace, but my heart rate was super high. My new running partner and I headed up a hill. We were creeping along and both of our heart rates were redlining. Being in pretty good shape and from an area with tons of hills, I was shocked at what a difference the altitude makes. I now totally understand why people are so excited about training at altitude.

We ran past Temple Square. It’s amazing.

We also ran past the capitol building – amazing. And past some mountains – amazing. I spent the entire run in a state of total awe at how pretty everything is here. As if that weren’t enough, the people here are super nice, the city is clean, and it’s safe. The 4 miles flew by. We might have run more, but had to get back to work (since that’s why we’re here and all). This morning I got up at a ridiculously early hour thanks to the time change. It was too dark to run, so I headed to the gym in the hotel. It’s not an exercise room, but an actual gym with a nice selection of equipment. I discovered that marriage and family therapy researchers are a fit group. The gym was packed with people here for the same event. It was nice to see so many fit people and to talk running with others who had run around town the day before. Back in my room, I became obsessed with taking pictures of the sun rising behind the mountains this morning because it was so dang pretty.

I’m having a great time and I’m sorry I’m leaving so soon. I would love to take advantage of some more altitude training. Perhaps I can sneak in a quick run before I head to the airport.

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  1. Sounds fabulous! We’re heading there as part of our summer road trip this year – I’ll be sure to schedule some run time!

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