Running with the Husband

This weekend I decided to run with my husband, Joe. He usually runs in the dead of night and I prefer morning runs, and we run at different paces and have different preferences for talking, so we tend to be incompatible runners. But, we both decided to try a run together mid-day Saturday. Since I’ve been sick and having asthma issues, we decided to run a local trail that is flat and goes along by the water reservoir.

Part of the fun of this path is the nice view at one end. It’s a raised path that overlooks several connected ponds.

I like looking out at the water and the lake beyond. I like seeing the little people walking around on the other side of the lake. There’s something about it that’s very pleasant.

If you keep going along the path, you end up on an old road that travels along a stream. Like all streams in Connecticut, it’s beautiful and rocky and full of tiny waterfalls.

Joe was convinced he could see fish swimming around in a pool in the stream. This led to me taking lots of pictures of the stream. I wore my new Lululemon Run: Free Pants. They were awesome and totally deserving of their own post/review later because they’re the best pants ever.

All in all, it was a nice run. Joe ran further than usual, I got to take nice pictures, and we both had a good time. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I confess – sometimes it can be good to spend quality running time with your husband.

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