Spring has Sprung?

We’ve been having nice weather all week and I’m convinced that it must finally be spring. Hooray! I love spring, and spring running. There’s something so nice about running in shorts, without 3 layers, a hat, ear muffs, mittens, etc. And, this early in the season there aren’t mosquitos, black flies, gnats or other creepy crawlers.

This week, I did one of my trail runs near a shallow lake and I saw a sure sign of spring – the first little sprouts of lilly pads!


Though most of the trees still don’t have leaves, it finally feels like spring.

Even more than spring, I’m looking forward to the spring training season. I need to get to work if I’m going to achieve my goal of reaching my pre-surgery pace this fall. Here’s hoping….it always seems easier to be optimistic in the spring.