The Best (Races) of 2013

It’s been a while since I last blogged. What better way to get back into the swing of things than with a recap. Yay! It’s the last day of 2013 and that has me looking back on the past year. I’ve decided to capture the year with my top racing events of 2013.

Number 5: Ragnar Cape Cod

I love relay races and overnight relays are the best of those. Running my first Ragnar with a great group of people was the perfect start to what I’m sure will be a long relationship with Ragnar. We’re meant for each other. I loved the scenery of Cape Cod and the companionship of my team. And I also really loved the best ham and cheese croissant ever from a French bakery in Duxbury.

Done with Ragnar Best food ever

Number 4: Frankenfooter Half Marathon

This October, my mom completed her first ever half marathon. I couldn’t be more proud of her and her amazing accomplishment. She picked a great race, trained for weeks, and finished her first half. She even pushed through calf cramps to a strong finish – and I was right beside her every step. It was a wonderful experience to share.

Frankenfooter half marathon

Number 3: Disney Marathon

Early in 2013, I completed the Disney Marathon. It was a struggle. I had dislocated my fibula during training and came into the race undertrained and in pain. I knew that finishing would be a challenge, but I was determined. I had great friends to run with, the support of my family, and beautiful running weather in the Happiest Place on Earth. I had to walk, and went much more slowly than I had hoped, but I finished. Given my state of injury, I was delighted. The 2013 Disney Marathon showed me just how mentally strong I could be.

Disney Marathon Mile 20

Number 2: Rock N Roll Providence

I love the Rock N Roll Providence course and I’m sorry that they won’t be holding this race in 2014. It was my PR race in 2012 and I loved the course so much I made it a goal race for 2013. I planned my training schedule around the race and had a great training season. I felt strong and fit going into the race and all that work paid off. I crushed my goal time and got a 10-minute PR over the previous year. I even ran a few miles at my pre-surgery pace. I felt amazing and it confirmed that I’m on my way back to my pre-surgery fitness.



Number 1: Gasparilla Distance Classic

This February, mom and I participated in the Gasparilla Distance Classic. I signed up for the Ultimate Challenge – a crazy lady combination of a 15k, 5k, half marathon, and 5 mile race across two days. Mom signed up for a challenge that included the 15k and 5 miler. The 15k was mom’s first real long distance race. I stuck with her and together we beat her goal time. She ran with me across the finish line. I turned around right away and took a picture of my mom, arms in the air, triumphant. It’s still one of my favorite race pictures of all time. It captures that moment that we all run for – the pure joy of doing what you didn’t know you could do.

Gasparilla half finish

2013 was a great year. And, today, as I set my goals for 2014, I can’t help but think that the best running is yet to come.

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