The Need for Speed

Lately I’ve been feeling the need. The need for speed. Hehe.

It’s been nearly two years since my knee surgery and I’m feeling slow. I was once fast. Ah, the glory days. In those not-so-distant memories, I sprinted along, comfortable in 5k races, but never venturing longer than 10k. After reinventing myself as a long distance runner, having knee surgery, and battling through recent illness and injury, I feel ready to pick up the pace. I feel comfortable with my base mileage. I feel confident in my rest/run/yoga/cross train schedule and with my support team of massage therapists, athletic trainers, and chiropractic care. I feel strong. It’s time to work on speed again.

I’m no stranger to training or to hard work, but speed is a different sort of pain for me. I like going fast, but I don’t like the way going fast feels. I’m quite happy to trot along, admiring the scenery and chatting with friends. I don’t mind the physical pain, but speed workouts make me miss the easy days of long, slow miles. But, to run faster you have to run fast. And run fast I will. It’s time to get to work.